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Aerated Portable Bottom Dome / Suction Drain

It is said that you can not beat a bottom drain system. If you have a pond that does not have a bottom drain but wish you had installed one, or do you have a bottom drain and want to install another here is the answer.

A Portable Bottom Dome that sits on the floor of your pond which requires no digging or intensive labour. Just simply place the self -weighted Portable Bottom Dome in your pond and attach a pipe from a pump such as an oase aquamax and enjoy all the benefits of a bottom drain with minimal expense.

This Portable Bottom Dome Improves water circulation, helps remove suspended particles and debris from the bottom of your pond reducing maintenance.

By adding an aerated Portable Bottom Dome, the drain will be 30% more efficient in pulling the solid waste into the drain.

This Aerated Portable Bottom Dome comes complete with a 90 degree bend and a stepped hose tail and 5 mts of air line to fit into a 4mm or 8 mm connector.

One more thing this Portable Bottom Dome will take 2" pipe work direct to the 90 degree bend.

Item Description Price Order
BDR-351 Weighted Suction Dome and Plate(without aeration) £ 109.70 Add to cart
BDR-363 Weighted Suction Dome and Plate with Aeration £ 145.30 Add to cart