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Venturi Kit
Venturi Kit

A venturi is a device that injects air into your pond water to ensure adequate pond aeration.

Water is pumped through the venturi, and the restrictor creates a vacuum that sucks air in from the tube above water level, and then mixes with water inside the venturi to cause bubbles that aerate the pond water. It is used to improve pond aeration and movement of water in the pond and increase the oxygen level in the water.

The Venturi is a very popular, and simple, method of introducing air into the pond system without having to connect any electricity supply. These Venturi simply connect on the inside of the pond inlet return to the pond, and as the water is pumped back to the pond it is passed through the Venturi which also draws in air from the atmosphere as it passes through.

  • Can be fitted in to 1.1/2" (43mm) waste pipe
  • Solvent weld 1.1/2" UPVC fitting .
  • Can be fitted in any pumped line.
  • Will not work in a gravity fed line.

There are two funnels supplied with the kit a small one and a large one. Depending on the output of the pump one of these is just pushed into the rear of the main body. A simple but very effective way of increasing the oxygen levels in your pond or pumped filter system.

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