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Airpump 130 litre Airpump
Airpump 130 litre Airpump

The Airtech Koi Air Pumps range provides high performance diaphragm air pumps for all fish keepers. The range was purposely developed for fish keepers and aquarists to deliver that essential element into their ponds - Air. Specifically, Airtech has been tested and proven to provide the highest output, at any given depth, to be economical to run and totally reliable.

Manufactured from aluminium, the Airtech range is durable and robust. A thermal protection device is fitted as standard and it is weather resistant. Highest air delivery output on the market. Low power consumption 2 year warranty period.

"Total reliability and long life expectancy Minimal maintenance"

Maximum Output - LPM 130
Output at 1m Depth - LPM 110
Max. operating depth 4.7m
Power Usage - watts 88
dba <50
Voltage (VAC) 220-240V

Fully safety rated by UL and CE for outdoor use

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APU-513 E.A Airtech Air Pump 130 Lts (88 Watts) £ 294.99 Add to cart