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Algae and Blanketweed
Algae and Blanketweed

Evolution Aqua Stop Blanket Weed

Evolution Aqua Stop Blanket Weed wipes out blanket weed and stops it from returning!

Evolution Aqua Stop Blanket Weed is only to be used as a treatment for filamentous algae, commonly know as blanket weed in ornamental and garden ponds. Blanket weed is not only one of the most unsightly problems encountered in a pond but also creates numerous other problems such as blocked filters, pipework, and pumps.

In addition to the mechanical problems caused to the filtration system, blanket weed when in large quantities can restrict the free swimming ability of your koi creating them undue amounts of stress. Evolution Aqua Stop Blanket weed is a unique product that will kill and prevent the regrowth of blanket weed if used as instructed.

Evolution Aqua Stop Blanket Weed is easy and simple, contains no harmful chemicals and safe for all pond inhabitants.

People are concerned that a lot of the products offering a remedy, use copper which acts as a poison. Although this will offer a temporary solution, copper is also toxic to fish. The other problem of poisoning or killing blanket weed is that the resulting ‘fall out’ of dead strands will block filters and/or pumps, causing a loss of filtration and therefore upsetting the vital beneficial bacteria colonies we have created and are trying to maintain.

Evolution Aqua Stop Blanket Weed is a totally natural product that inhibits the growth of blanket weed and is harmless for all pond inhabitants including fish, frogs, filter-bacteria and plants. As many of us know, heavy blanket weed growth in our ponds, although not a chemically dangerous problem, is unsightly and blocks our filters/pumps when it breaks off.

A slight presence of nitrate/phosphate combined with a day of bright sunlight can be enough to cause a blanket weed outbreak. The growth rate of blanket weed can be vigorous and the risks associated with not controlling its growth and reproduction can be catastrophic. These range from the problem of depleted oxygen in the pond/filters to filters/pumps becoming blocked that will eventually stop functioning.

Most existing products on the market are designed to kill the weed once it has formed. Evolution Aqua Stop Blanket Weed, which is totally fish safe, simply affects the calcium structure of the blanket weed and inhibits its growth and its ability to produce reproductive spores.

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