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Interpet Pond Ballance
Interpet Pond Ballance

Great discounts on Interpet Pond Balance only at Swell UK!

Interpet Pond Balance Treatment, available from Swell UK at discounted prices. Blanket weed algae is the pond keeper's nightmare, its unsightly green fibrous strands can choke your whole pond.

Pond Balance safely and gradually adjusted the water chemistry or your pond, achieving a balance which effectively clears blanket weed whilst promoting plant growth.

Pond Balance solves your blanket weed problems without the effort involved in manual removal or the inherent risk of killing your valuable plants and fish which is associated with other pond algaecide.

Product characteristics at a glance:

  • Suitable for use in all ponds, planted/wildlife/koi.
  • Clears blanket weed.
  • Safe for use with all species of pond fish.
  • Harmless to filters and plants.
  • Harmless to newts, frogs, toads and other pond wildlife.

Treatment Rates:

  • Pond Balance for a 500gal pond - 3 course for 500gal Pond (small).
  • Pond Balance for a 1000gal pond - 3 course for 1000gal pond (value pack).
  • Pond Balance for a 3000gal pond - 3 course for 3000gal pond (medium).
  • Pond Balance for an 18600gal pond - 3 courses for an 18600gal ponds (large).

Treatments should be repeated once every 10 days for the first month and once per month thereafter.

Always read manufacturers instructions carefully and follow guidelines fully.

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BDP-934 Interpet Pond Ballance Large Bucket 9.34kg (treats 255,000 Ltrs) £ 228.49 Add to cart