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NT Labs Pond Aquaclear
NT Labs Pond Aquaclear

Ideal for helping to stop green pond water and a great pond algae treatment. Aquaclear controls algae, algae bloom and blanketweed by filtering out light. It restricts algae growth using a UV screening, faint blue dye. Aquaclear was voted the Gardening Which? 2007 Best Buy Winner for Algae Control. For best results we recommend using in conjunction with magiclear - however both will work independantly.

Item Description Price Order
NTA-452 NT Labs Pond Aquaclear 250ml (treats 14,251 Ltrs) £ 9.49 Add to cart
NTA 455 NT Labs Pond Aquaclear 500ml (treats 28,501 Ltrs) £ 15.99 Add to cart
NTA-460 NT Labs Pond Aquaclear 1 Ltr (treats 57,002 Ltrs) £ 23.99 Add to cart