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3 Way Ball Valves
3 Way Ball Valves

Made from PVC, these 3 Way Ball Valves are a great way to divert water between to returns or from two suction points. Also very handy when setting up a bypass on a UV light.

These superbly manufactured three way ball valves are ideal for those more complex installations, for example, they can be situated in the pipework to offer two returns (one at each end) to your pond or quarantine system, affording you the opportunity to reverse the water flow around the pond from the return pump.

All the valves shown on this page are manufactured to the 'Highest' Standards and are suitable for the most complex of systems - they are totally reliable, which is important, and have good ease of use.

These 3 way Ball valves are perfect if you are wanting to split the water flow two-way. Maybe for a waterfall during the summer for example.

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BVA-413 3 Way 1.1/2 Ball Valve - White Base / Black Top £ 76.69 Add to cart