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Evolution Aqua pure & Filter Start
Evolution Aqua pure & Filter Start

Evolution Aqua Filter Start

Dramatically accelerates the colonisation of beneficial bacteria in your filters.

Product Features:

  • Improved filter efficiency
  • Improved fish health
  • Increased levels of Oxygen
  • Improves water clarity
  • Easy to use and dose

By maintaining your filter with the correct balance of beneficial bacteria, you help to ensure that your filter will nitrify to its optimum, (removal of ammonia and nitrite that fish excrete due to respiration and digestion).

Phosphates and nitrates will also be reduced (denitrification),which are the main food sources for blanket weed and green water. By maintaining and stabilising your water parameters, your fish suffer less stress, gill damage, injuries heal quicker and in severe cases fish losses are avoided. As the filters mature in time, and the pond finds its correct balance, improved water clarity will occur.

Item Description Price Order
EFS-121 Evolution Aqua Pure & Filter Start Gel 1Ltr £ 19.99 Add to cart
EFS-125 Evolution Aqua Pure & Filter Start Gel 2.5 Ltr £ 39.99 Add to cart

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