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Our Complete line of Black Knight Wizard Fibre

Wizard is a very fine glass fibre designed specifically for mortar or concrete reinforcement. It has been in use for decades in specialised architectural and construction projects where very high performance is required to withstand sustained stresses or harsh conditions and where long service is important.
Why a concrete pond?
Concrete will be smooth, liners may have wrinkles
Less vulnerable to damage from roots
Will not puncture as liners can
Low cost
Resists damage by animals
Long life expectancy
Why use Wizard Fibre?
Allows a much stronger mix, leading to a smoother crack-resistant finish that is safer for the fish
Saves money
Increases workability, making it easier to apply
Far stronger, more durable and easier to use than polypropylene alternatives
Dramatically reduces the likelihood of leaks developing
High zirconia content offers superb alkali resistance
Wizard Fibre Concrete
Wizard Fibre

Wizard Fibre

Wizard Fibre and Concrete Ponds Traditionally, garden ponds have been made from various materials using different ...
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