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Bottom Drains - Sump Type
Bottom Drains - Sump Type

Bottom drains today are used in conjunction normally with a gravity fed filter systems, but more people are using them with pump fed systems. However, which ever way you decide, either way is far better than not having a drain installed at all. A chamber of filter brushes holding back debris in a pumped system cannot compare to a bottom drain working in conjunction with a vortex settlement.

Much has been said about the use of pressure pipe as against general waste pipe, but when you consider the short run of pipe, which is laid under the actual pond, then this in our professional opinion, should be laid in PVC pressure pipe. Once the drain line is clear from under the pond construction area, by all means run this into general waste pipe, but not with rubber seal (push fit) adaptors. Solvent weld with appropriate pipe adhesive all buried pipe . . . that's the general rule of thumb! It is not worth thinking about repairing a leaking pipe or drain beneath the base of the pond,in so far as the damage incurred to the concrete floor or fibre glass finish - just to save a few pounds in sub standard pipework or cheap materials. The minimal savings advantage cannot compare to major excavation such areas a second time around - to say nothing about disturbance to fish and biological filters.

All drains should be set in concrete along with the pipework under the pond footings. Deep benching towards the drain will ensure movement of solid wastes into the sump of the drain and then this can be carried on with the water flow and finally into the filter settlement area, where it can be discharged to waste daily.

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BDR-105 Bottom Drain Sump Type - 50mm £ 14.95 Add to cart
BDR-106 Bottom Drain Sump Type With Ring Aerator - 50mm £ 39.99 Add to cart
BDR-110 Bottom Drain Sump Type - 110mm £ 28.49 Add to cart
BDR-111 Bottom Drain Sump Type With Ring Aerator - 110mm £ 57.19 Add to cart