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Bottom Drains - Economy Type
Bottom Drains - Economy Type

The Economy drain is designed to be a low cost drain from your pond or filter,

These drains have no sump and are a straight connection where as a standard bottom drain's outlet is at 90 degrees from the pond.

The drains are ideal for use in smaller pond or used as mid feed connections, the dome stops smaller fish from entering the drain.

All Economy Drains accept standard black solvent pipe.

Item Description Price Order
BDR-204 Bottom Drain - 40mm £ 16.50 Add to cart
BDR-205 Bottob Drain - 50mm £ 17.60 Add to cart
BDR-208 Bottom Drain - 82mm £ 18.40 Add to cart
BDR-210 Bottom Drain - 110mm £ 19.50 Add to cart