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Round Bowls
Round Bowls

A good viewing bowl lets you see Koi close up on occasions when a closer look is needed. We carry various sizes.

These tubs are excellent for viewing your Koi! They are also great when you have the need to medicate one Koi or a group of Koi (salt dips/injections) and short distance transporting!

Item Description Price Order
BOW-172 Elasticated Cover Net (For BOW-128) £ 18.20 Add to cart
BOW-122 Round Bowl - 22-in. (56cm) x 10-in £ 21.49 Add to cart
BOW-172 Elasticated Cover Net ( For BOW-171 ) £ 21.95 Add to cart
BOW-124 Round Bowl - 24-in x 10-in £ 26.20 Add to cart
BOW-128 Round Bowl - 28-in. (71cm) x 12-in. (31cm (31cm) With 100Ltr Measure £ 35.20 Add to cart
BOW-171 G M Rounded Bowl Heavy Duty - 28-in. (71cm) x 15-in. (40cm) £ 51.90 Add to cart
BOW-180 Round Bowl - 31-in. ( 80cm) x 15-in. ( 39cm ) £ 53.99 Add to cart