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Cloverleaf 72 Watt
Cloverleaf  72 Watt

The Cloverleaf 24w Eco SmartStart UV has been designed as an extension to the current highly popular stainless steel UV range.

The newer “Eco Smartstart UV‘s” have been built taking technology one further step, whilst making them affordable without the need to rob a bank. In using “Smartstart” lamps (with a life expectancy of 9000 hours) a great gain in light output efficiency is possible due to the lamps integral ballast which by default offers consistent performance throughout the year when compared to conventional lamps with remote ballasts.

Following on from the great success of their Standard Stainless Steel UV clarifiers, Cloverleaf have taken technology one further step towards perfection with the high-tec high-efficiency Eco Smartstart which through design and build quality offers numerous advantages to the fastidious pond keeper.

Suitable for Ponds UP TO 4560 Gallons (20500 Litres)

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