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Cloverleaf Stainless Steel UV - 36 Watt
Cloverleaf Stainless Steel UV - 36 Watt

Since the great success of their Standard Stainless Steel UV clarifiers, Cloverleaf have now taken technology even further with a step towards perfection by now launching the high-tec high performance Cloverleaf Smartstart Stainless Steel UV, which through design and build quality offers numerous advantages to the fastidious pond keeper.

Key features:

Include a unique starter ballast unit built into the Cloverleaf Smartstart lamp, which unlike conventional ballasts offers consistent light performance throughout the year when the replacement of the Cloverleaf Smartstart lamp is equal to installing a new ballast.

Additional quality features include a visually sleek design with the provision of double seal end caps which have been pressure tested to a high 10 bar.

This specification coupled with the use of a genuine heavy gauge 316L polished stainless steel body/radiation chamber, together with a removable fused Quartz sleeve (not plastic) should hopefully indicate that only the best components have been used in the Smartstart’s construction.

In the past it was somewhat pointless debating the topic of conventional external ballast units degrading in performance over the years, because there was no solution to the problem - but now there is a solution via Cloverleaf’s Smartstart.

The unique Cloverleaf Smartstart germicidal lamp is rated for 9,000 hours of use (better than many competitors 5,000 hours), and with Cloverleaf’s spiral flow chamber optimum performance is achieved with an improved efficiency of 35% above conventional plastic bodied UV’s.

Off the shelf Cloverleaf Smartstart UV’s range from 24 watt to 144 watt, and combine innovative design with long lasting construction and great value for money, all of which Cloverleaf believe will put the "Smartstart" firmly ahead of its international market competitors. As special factory orders larger Smartstart units will be available up to a massive 12 bar (12 lamp) 864 watt.

The efficiency of Smartstarts are such that the lamp wattage can afford to be reduced even beyond those specified within Cloverleaf’s standard SS UV’s. As an example a 72watt Smartstart is equivalent or better than 90watts in a standard stainless steel unit.

Cloverleaf Smartstart 36 watt UV:

The Smartstart 36 Watt model makes use of a single germicidal Smartstart lamp.

With so many small garden ponds with capacities from 750 to 1500 gallons this unit will be totally ideal for many pond keepers, and at a price not much different than “some” plastic bodied UV’s on the market it will surely be reviewed as highly desirable.

This unit is suitable for ponds up to 2500 gallons - (11400 ltrs) based on full sun exposure.

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