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Cloverleaf Stainless Steel UV - 72 Watt
Cloverleaf Stainless Steel UV - 72 Watt

The Cloverleaf Smartstart 72 Watt model making use of 2 No 36 watt germicidal Smartstart lamps.

The 48 watt model is proving to be immensely popular due to the be easy upgrade at a later date to a 72 watt version, simply by changing the lamps for a larger size.

The unique Cloverleaf Smartstart germicidal lamp is rated for 9,000 hours of use (better than many competitors 5,000 hours), and with Cloverleaf’s spiral flow chamber optimum performance is achieved with an improved efficiency of 35% above conventional plastic bodied UV’s.

The 72 watt model being suitable for ponds up to a maximum of 7500 gallons - based on full sun exposure.

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