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Elecro 700 Analogue Heaters
Elecro 700 Analogue Heaters

The 700 EVO Aquatic heater has been designed especially for the Fish & Koi market place.

It offers all-season temperature control for professional fish keepers, breeders & hobbyists.

Featuring analogue temperature control accurate to 1.2ºC and new ultra-efficient super long life heating element(s) produced specifically for aquatic applications.

Designed for safety and easy installation.

Key Features:

Analogue Temperature Control With 1.2ºC Differential
External Reversible Flow Switch, allows water input from either direction High Limiting 55ºCThermostat (Manual Reset)
Integral Contactor Relay

All heaters come fitted with 1½'' BSP female threaded adapters for ease of connection.

Item Description Price Order
EHA-711 Elecro 700 1 kw Analogue Heater (5amp) £ 339.49 Add to cart
EHA-712 Elecro 700 2 kw Analogue Heater (9amp) £ 369.50 Add to cart
EHA-713 Elecro 700 3 kw Analogue Heater (13amp) £ 399.99 Add to cart
EHA-714 Elecro 700 4 kw Analogue Heater (18amp) £ 439.99 Add to cart
EHA-716 Elecro 700 6 kw Analogue Heater (27amp) £ 479.50 Add to cart
EHA-718 Elecro 700 8 kw Analogue Heater (35amp) £ 509.99 Add to cart
EHA-736 Elecro 700 3 Phase 6 kw Analogue Heater (9amp) £ 619.99 Add to cart
EHA-738 Elecro 700 3 Phase 8 kw Analogue Heater (13amp) £ 649.99 Add to cart