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Elecro Flow Tube with Titanium Element

Koi can live in a wide range of temperatures, from 34 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the extreme temperature ranges aren't necessarily the best for their health and happiness.

The most harmful temperature range for Koi is from 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winter can be very long and harsh for our Koi, an increasing number of Koi keepers are heating their ponds for the following reasons:

  • Very low temperatures are avoided - causing less stress and associated health problems - Temperature fluctuations are avoided once again causing less stress to your Koi
  • Koi emerge from the long winter into spring considerably stronger and reducing mortality rates at this time of year when they most often occur
  • Your Koi's immune system is not suppressed
  • Biological filter systems remain active throughout the winter months avoiding the long start up process in the spring.
  • Last but not least heating your pond allows the Koi keeper to enjoy their hobby throughout the winter months.
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EHT-992 Elecro Pure Titanium 2kw Heater (9 amp) £ 709.99 Add to cart
EHT-993 Elecro Pure Titanium 3kw Heater (13 amp) £ 739.50 Add to cart
EHT-994 Elecro Pure Titanium 4kw Heater (18 amp) £ 769.50 Add to cart
EHT-996 Elecro Pure Titanium 6kw Heatet (27 amp) £ 888.99 Add to cart
EHT-998 Elecro Pure Titanium 8kw Heater (35 amp) £ 919.50 Add to cart