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Type 1 - Nexus Upgrade Kit (Eazy Retro Kit)
Type 1 - Nexus Upgrade Kit (Eazy Retro Kit)

Evolution Aqua have now made it possible to upgrade every model of the Nexus filtration system to incorporate the new and improved features that are present on the current Nexus 210 and 310 models. Whether you are looking to install the revolutionary Eazy filter or you simply want to add an Overflow / Universal By-Pass Kit to your Nexus, it is all possible. Select the upgrade kit you need from the options below.

Type 1 - Nexus Upgrade Kit (Eazy Retro Kit For Nexus filters manufactured before 2006)

The Type 1 Upgrade Kit upgrades all Nexus filtration systems manufactured before 2006,

without an Eazy centre chamber, to a Nexus system that will have an Eazy. This kit contains all

the components you need to make this upgrade.

Item Description Price Order
NEX-232 Eazy Upgrade Kit To Nexus 220 - Post June 2006 £ 295.00 Add to cart
NEX-233 Easy Upgrade Kit To Nexus 320 - Post June 2006 £ 344.99 Add to cart