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Evolution Aqua Health
Evolution Aqua Health

E a Health koi food can be fed all year round, based entirely on a wild the koi's natural diet, which will keep your fish in a good healthy condition. EA Health has a unique mix of worms*, crustacea and vegetation with NO fish meal added - this is because wild koi do not eat fish. Ea health can be Supplement with Ea show at times to help further enhance the quality of your koi.

Ea Health Koi Food Developed in conjunction with and manufactured by Dragon Feeds:

For optimum results feed the *amount of food suggested in the table below,

Feeding Guidelines:

Firstly calculate the total weight of fish in your pond. An alternative to actually weighing your fish is to use the graph to the left. It shows typical average weights of koi at various lengths. For best results to benefit, feed the correct amount of Ea Health Koi Food suggested in the table below, which is a percentage of the total weight of your fish in relation to pond temperature.

Feed Ea Health Koi Food twice daily (morning & evening). E.g. if you have a pond containing 10kg of fish with a water temperature of 17 oC, the total amount of food fed each day is 1% of 10kg = 100g. This 100g should be fed 50g in the morning and 50g in the evening

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