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Evolution Aqua Wheatgerm
Evolution Aqua Wheatgerm

Ea Wheatgerm has been developed and formulated by Evolution Aqua and is one of the new additions to their food range. Ea Wheatgerm has been made by people who not only care about fish but have a proven know how which is why Ea wheatgerm contains only the best ingredients. There objective was to pay special attention to apsects of health, growth, digestion, development and welfare. Helps improve digestion which for example, gives reduced waste, which drastically improves water quality which is very important for fish health.

Evolution Aqua's Wheatgerm contains no artificial colouring has been used which can often discolour your water.

Evolution Aqua Wheatgerm pellets is an all round year food, specifically with lower temperatures in mind. Best feed only enough so that your fish will eat 100% without leaving any after a few minutes. The amount will vary depending on pond temperatures and water quality. Do not feed below 4 degrees C. Due to the varied and complete nutritional content, digestibility and floating capability of these sticks, they can be fed all year round as an excellent food source for your fish. There is NO artificial colouring used whatsoever which usually can stain your water. This along with reduced waste helps to keep your water crystal clear. Contains omega 3 and 6, BioMos and spirolina, growth health and vibrant colours are greatly enhanced.

Main Features:

High quality floating pellets

Balanced nutrition, rich in all essential minerals and vitamins

Contains BioMos whiuch massively improves digestion growth amnd reduces waste

Reduced waste dramatically improves water quality and clarity !

Contains spirolina which enhances colour

Contains NO artiificial colouring so will not stain the water !

Contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 for healthy growth and vitality

Small Pellet - 3 - 4 mm - Medium Pellet - 5 - 6 mm

15 kgs comes in polythene sack

Item Description Price Order
EAW-813 Evolution Aqua Wheatgerm 2kg Medium Pellet 5-6mm £ 31.49 Add to cart
EAW-812 Evolution Aqua Wheatgerm 2kg Small Pellet (3-4m) £ 31.49 Add to cart
EAW-817 Evolution Aqua Wheatgerm 6kg Medium Pellets (5-6mm) £ 62.99 Add to cart
EAW-816 Evolution Aqua Wheatgerm 6kg Small Pellets (3-4mm) £ 62.99 Add to cart
EAW-825 Evolution Aqua Wheatgerm 15kg Small Pellets (3-4mm) £ 104.99 Add to cart
EAW-826 Evolution Aqua Wheatgerm 15kg Medium Pellets (5-6mm) £ 104.99 Add to cart