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Glass Fibre Repain Kit
Glass Fibre Repain Kit

Bonda Glass Fibre Repair Kit.

The Bonda Glass Fibre Kit can be used to repair permanently, holes, cracks, and splits in many materials. G.R.P, metal, wood, concrete and brick. It will also bond to some plastics but not the oily types. P.V.C. polypropylene. Nylon - Note it will dissolve polystyrene (A.B.S).

Bonda Resin only requires the addition of an easy to mix liquid hardener to be ready to use with Bonda Glass Fibre Mat. When using glass fibre always fray out the edges of any joints so that the overlaps are strong and undetectable. Glass Fibre is whitish in the pack but when the resin impregnates the glass it becomes translucent making it easier to stipple into place. When applying the resin always use a stippling action. When applying several layers ensure that all the air is driven out of the laminate by stippling vigorously. It is preferable to apply the resin and glass fibre 'wet on wet' although it will bond perfectly to a cured laminate. It is always best to work with small pieces until experienced.

In general the laminating procedure in making a repair is as follows:

  • Make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of grease and oil. If necessary sand with a medium grade sandpaper.
  • The ambient temperature is above 10degC (50deg F).
  • Prepare all materials required for the job.
  • Apply a coat of catalysed resin.
  • Apply a layer of glass fibre.
  • Stipple on more resin to saturate the mat.
  • Apply additional layers as required.
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