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Rein Fibre
Rein Fibre

Rein Fibres 1 Kg - 6 mm Strands

These polypropylene fibres have been used in cement renders for over twenty five years, they are mixed into the render and the random alignment of the fibres increases its tensile strength which prevents cracking and flaking. The high cement content also reduces the permeability of the render.

The render is applied directly to the concrete block walls of the pond at 5 to 8mm thick with a 1 kg pack providing sufficient material to 10 square metres. Rein fibres are mixed in with sand and cement.

The benefits of including Rein fibres in cement and concrete are:

  • Crack inhibiting and control
  • Increasing and providing consistent tensile strength
  • Eliminating brittle fracture and increasing strain to failure
  • Improving impact resistance and toughness
  • Improving durability by reducing spalling and action of frost

Rein Fibres 1 Kg - 6 mm Strands is more versatile than any other fibre and are used as a completely safe durable alternative to glass and metallic fibres. They are also used to replace steel handling reinforcement and steel mesh for crack inhibition in concrete

Full instruction for use are supplied with each pack.

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SEA-302 Rein Fibre 1kg - 6mm Strands (Fibre Mix) £ 19.89 Add to cart