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Filter Foam Sets
Filter Foam Sets

High quality Pond Filter Foam Sets can be cut to any size giving a large economical filter surface and can be used in conjunction with filter wadding for that sparkling water quality.

3-piece foam packs are available to fit virtually most types and sizes of biological box filters.

Normally supplied in three different grades of dimpled foam per set.

Sponges set comprises 1 x coarse, 1 x medium and 1 x fine

Item Description Price Order
FME-311 Filter Foam Pack 3 Piece Small - 17-in. x 11-in. £ 11.40 Add to cart
FME-318 Filter Foam Pack 3 Piece Medium - 25-in. x 18-in. £ 23.19 Add to cart
FME-321 Filter Foam Pack 3 Piece Large - 43-in. x 21-in. £ 51.50 Add to cart
FME-336 Filter Foam Cube - 6-in. £ 7.29 Add to cart
FME-338 Filter Foam Cube - 8-in. £ 14.50 Add to cart