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Waterco Aquabiome Bead Filter 30" ( 2" Pipework & Air Blower) Media Req
Waterco Aquabiome Bead Filter 30

Waterco Aquabiome Bead Filter - 30 inch for ponds up to 13000 Gals

The Waterco Aquabiome Bead Filter has been designed for ponds and water gardens. These Waterco Bead Filters provide mechanical and biological filtration in a single housing.

Its ability to support dense populations of nitrifying bacteria and its reliability and easy maintenance, makes Aquabiome especially suitable for high density recirculation systems.

The Benefits Of Using The Waterco Aquabiome Bead Filter:

The basics of using an Waterco Bead Filter has been to combine the Biological filtration aspect with the mechanical filtration. By combining these two filtration aspects the system can be more compact than the traditional - conventional pond filter system. In addition, the Aquabiome requires far less pressure than a conventional Hi Rate sand filter, therefore a lower wattage can be used. Possibly reducing power use by upto 50%!

Probally most important of all, is the Aquabiome will require far less maintenance – cleaning or back washing than a typical Hi Rate pressure sand filter.

The Waterco Bead Filter should be installed after your strainer/Vortex and main biological filter system. Once installed, the Aquabiome will remove suspended solids down to 10 microns in size, maintaining the water clarity to a very high standard.

The pumped water is then fed to the Multi-port valve and diverted to the lower filter inlet. The inflowing water is evenly dispersed through the special slotted pipes (Laterals) within the lower section of the filter. The contaminated water flows upwards through the filter vessel depositing waste matter between the crevices of the Biomedia.

To assist the growth of Bacteria for removal of the Ammonia present in the contaminated inflowing water, it is advised to charge the system with: ‘Filter Start’. Once added to the inflowing water, good bacteria will begin to colonise on the filter media enhancing the biological action.

The Aquabiome has been designed to reduce the amount of maintenance (and waste water) required and ideally if the equipment has been correctly sized, backwashing will only be required on a weekly basis. The backwashing process is assisted by the use of a very powerful blower (air compressor) and the whole procedure will take less than 5 minutes to perform.

Max Pond Size: 13000 gls / 59000
Max Flow Rate: 6000 gph / 25500 lph
Inlet/Outlet Connections: 50mm / 63mm
Valve Size: 50mm / 2"
Tank Diameter: 772mm / 30.4"
Guarantee: 12 mth warranty on materials and workmanship

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