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Fish Food Solutions-Health
Fish Food Solutions-Health

~~Fish Food Solutions Health Koi Food is ideal for Spring, Summer & Autumn manufactured as a Premium Quality, Complete Heath Food for Koi.
•Contains everything that your Koi need for a healthy diet
•Also suitable for other types of Pond Fish
•Suitable for pond water temperatures of 8° and above
•Manufactured in EEC - Store in a dry, cool place

Protein: 26.0% Fat: 4.0% Fibre: 5.6% Ash: 8.2% Vitamin A: 25,000 IU/kg Vitamin D3: 2,000 IU/kg Vitamin E: 220mg/kg Vitamin C: 330mg/kg

Available in 3mm Small Junior & 6mm Medium Pellet Sizes

Item Description Price Order
FFS-226 Health 2.5 6mm Pellet C a l l C a l l
FFS-225 Health 2.5kg 3mm Pellet £ 30.99 Add to cart
FFS-250 Health 5kg 3mm Pellet £ 52.99 Add to cart
FFS-251 Health 5kg 6mm Pellet £ 52.99 Add to cart
FFS-261 Health 10kg 6mm Pellet £ 94.99 Add to cart
FFS-260 Health 10kg 3mm Pellet £ 94.99 Add to cart