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Fish Food Solutions - Koi Treats
Fish Food Solutions - Koi Treats

~~Why Not Treat your Koi & Pond Fish to Fresh Water Shrimp Koi Treats - Russian Gammarus  Mealworms , Silkworms  or Shrimps 500g


Protein: 48.0% Fat: 3.0% Fibre: 5.0% Ash: 5.0% Moisture: 10.0%
•Koi Treat
•Russian Gammarus contain high levels of protein and low levels of fat
•Russian Gammarus contain carotene to naturally promote the colours of your Koi
•Contains no added vitamins

Also suitable for all types of Pond Fish - Suitable for pond water temperatures of 6° and above

Item Description Price Order
FFS-305 Freshwater Shrimp / Russian Gammarus 500g £ 17.99 Add to cart
FFS-365 Silkworms 1.5kg £ 23.99 Add to cart
FFS-345 Shrimps / Large Dried Shrimp 500g £ 23.99 Add to cart
FFS-385 Koi Buddies / Black Soldier Fly Larvae 1kg £ 23.99 Add to cart
FFS-325 Mealworms 500g £ 23.99 Add to cart