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Fish Food Solutions - Professional
Fish Food Solutions - Professional

~~Fish Food Solutions Professional is a High Quality High Specification Food for Koi

Ideal for feeding Spring, Summer & Autumn

•Also suitable for other types of Pond Fish
•For Pond Water Temperatures of 11 degrees and above
•Contains everything that your Koi need in a top quality koi food

Protein: 51.0% Fat: 10.0% Fibre: 0.9% Ash: 11.9% Vitamin A: 28,000 IU/kg Vitamin D3: 3,000 IU/kg Vitamin E: 250mg/kg Vitamin C: 500mg/kg

Item Description Price Order
FFS-425 Professional 2.5 kg 6mm Pellet £ 46.99 Add to cart
FFS-450 Professional 5kg 6mm Pellet £ 78.99 Add to cart
FFS-460 Professional 10kg 6mm Pellet £ 139.99 Add to cart