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Stop End Caps
Stop End Caps

Flexible Rubber Boot Stop End Connectors are ideal for the pond keeper, pond builders or any one who connects piping used for water.

No more of all that glueing when fitting pond pumps, and Koi Pond Filters uv's ect. Also no more glueing and re-glueing due to slight miss alighnment as Flexible Rubber Boot Connectors can be undone, moved and re-used so no more headaches and heartache when sorting out your pond pipework.


Easy to connect and tighten - will give a perfect seal.
No more necleaning, drying and glueing needed.
Ideal for temporary or permanent use, for pond pipework, temporary setups and quarantine systems and for emergencies.
Can be re-used over again and again.
Will connect imperial to metric pipe
Ideal for use in awkward spaces. ideal for connecting a ball valve, UV,circulating pump etc for easy removal - fittings can be used again
ideal for all types of hosetail connections

Item Description Price Order
FPS-450 Flexible Rubber 1-1/2-in. Stop End Cap (50mm -38mm) £ 4.45 Add to cart
FPS -463 Flexible Rubber 2-in. Stop End Cap (63mm -50mm) £ 5.75 Add to cart
FPS-490 Flexible Rubber 3-in. Stop End Cap (90mm -75mm) £ 7.10 Add to cart
FPS-515 Flexible Rubber 4-in. Stop End Cap (115mm -102mm) £ 8.15 Add to cart