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Gold Label Sealer Frequently Asked Questions

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Gold Label Pond
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Can I actually use this in wet conditions ie rain or under water?

Yes. Gold Label is able to stick to a surface by displacing moisture from the surface.

Will it cure under water?

Yes, as it uses the oxygen in the water to cure.

Does temperature affect it?

In its uncured state, it does. It will not cure below freezing and it will be very slow curing under 5°C. Optimum temperature is 16°C.

I cannot get it to stick

Most common reason is trying to use it as a glue! It is a sealant which needs a body of product to work. If you squash the surfaces to be stuck then the area cannot affect a cure. Always apply a bead approx 5mm and gently attach object or liner patch to leave a bead of approx 2-5mm

(Do not be tempted to pull it off to see if it is stuck before 3 days as temperature and thickness of sealer will affect the cure rate)

Can I use it to repair gutters, roofs etc?

Yes, Gold Label will stick to most surfaces.

Will it stick to vinyl?

Yes, make sure surface is clean and sound, and abrade lightly.

Can I use Gold Label in marine tanks?

Yes, there is no difference in performance between fresh water and salt water.

Can I use Gold Label to stick living rock or coral?

Yes, because Gold Label is an inert, non-toxic product it can be used safely on coral or living rock.

I need to use acrylic glass for safety in my pond / tank. Will Gold Label stick the acrylic to the frame?

Gold Label has 4 times the bond strength of silicone on acrylic and has been used in major installations using acrylic sheet.

Can I use Gold Label to fix equipment eg pumps, filters to the side of ponds or tanks?

Yes, make sure you bed the equipment on a bead of sealer at least 5mm. This is to allow slight movement between the two surfaces and support for 24 hours to allow the sealer to cure before any weight is put on it.

Can I join two pieces of liner together?

Yes, by putting two beads of 5mm diameter, 100mm apart on the overlap. Then gently run your fingers over the line to make sure the sealer has connected both pieces of liner. DO NOT PRESS FLAT. By having two beads of 5mm, the liner can expand and contract without tearing and it will allow for any imperfections in joining of the two liners.

Do I have to drain the pond / tank before using Gold Label?

No, you can use this under water to bond practically anything.

Can Gold Label be used to stick rockery / decking / slabs / slate etc to the surround of the pond or the liner?

Yes, Gold Label has a very strong bond to most surfaces. If the product you wish to stick is powdery, it is advisable to seal it with a primer first – contact us for advice.

Can I use Gold Label in swimming pools / spas?

Yes, this will adhere even in chlorinated water.

Can I fix a crack in a concrete pond / pool?

Yes. First vee-out the crack to approx 10-20 mm and fill with Gold Label. If concrete is powdery, use primer first.