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Heat Exchangers - Stainless Steel
Heat Exchangers - Stainless Steel

By utilising a heat exchanger you can create the most economical and efficient way to heat a Koi pond.

Linked to a boiler, the heat is transferred to the pond via the heat exchanger. The final selection of a heat exchanger should be ascertained by pond capacity, boiler output, heat retention properties and positioning of equipment.

The output specification of the heat exchanger is the maximum that may be reasonably expected the unit to produce, so it is therefore highly recommended to upgrade to the next output size if in any doubt.

It is important that the correct rated boiler is used for the size and gallonage of the pond and that the flow rates are not exceeded. The maximum flow rates for the primary and secondary circuits are stated on the label fixed on the front of the boiler along with the relevant rating of that specific heat exchanger.

G M Heat Exchangers are manufactured from quality marine grade Type 316 stainless steel,

Each unit undergoes 12 stringent tests during quality control production.

Each unit is tested to 70 p.s.i before leaving the factory and each one is guaranteed for a full 12 months from purchase date, subject to essential conditions are strictly followed during the installation and working life.

All units must be installed vertically. Care must be taken to insure that no chemical residue can enter the heat exchanger when the system is not running. It is recommended to maintain a constant pH between 7.2 – 7.6 to prevent excessive scaling deposits and corrosion.

The secondary flow, which is the heated flow to the pond(usually after filtration), is then connected to the top right and the flow though which transfers the heated water to the pool will be situated at the lower left outlet. All threaded connections are BSP thread.

It is paramount that the unit is installed in an upright position; with the primary and flow connections from the boiler set top and bottom.

Item Description Price Order
HEF-101 1-in. Female Thread - 22mm Brass Fitting for Heat Exchangers £ 9.69 Add to cart
HEX-106 Heat Exchanger 60000 BTUs (900 GPH Max) £ 234.50 Add to cart
HEX-110 Heat Exchanger 100000 BTUs (1440 GPH Max) £ 244.80 Add to cart
HEX-130 Heat Exchanger 130000 BTUs (1860 GPH Max) £ 299.99 Add to cart
HEX-170 Heat Exchanger 170000 BTUs (2460 GPH Max) £ 329.99 Add to cart
HEX-230 Heat Exchanger 230000 BTUs (3900 GPH Max) £ 419.99 Add to cart
HEX-460 Heat Exchanger 460000 BTUs (11460 GPH Max) £ 549.99 Add to cart

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