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Hosetail Adaptors
Hosetail Adaptors

Hosetail Adaptors are excellent for connecting Flexible pipe and hose in one long length.

Simply add on to existing pipe lengths or cut and add Tee Connectors in to divert what ever to where ever.

These will prove invaluable and cover most of the jobs you need to do.

Item Description Price Order
WFH-613 13mm x 3/4-in. Hosetail Adaptor £ 1.75 Add to cart
WFH-619 19mm x 3/4-in. Hosetail Adaptor £ 1.90 Add to cart
WFH-625 25mm x 3/4-in. Hosetail Adaptor £ 2.05 Add to cart
WFH-631 25mm x 1-in. Hosetail Adaptor £ 2.75 Add to cart
WFH-629 19mm x 1-in. Hosetail Adaptor £ 2.95 Add to cart
WFH-632 32mm x 1-in. Hosetail Adaptor £ 3.25 Add to cart