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How The East Was Won
How The East Was Won

Never before has The All Japan Koi Show been won by anyone from the West. This DVD tells the story of... how the east was won.

Three years ago two crazy Englishmen bought a Koi Carp on a visit to Hiroshima. The fish has the potential to become the winner of the World's largest and most prestigious Koi event, The All Japan Show.

The Koi carp in question was purchased for Y18 million approx £100 000.

In January 2005, the koi owned by the two Englishmen came second.

In January 2006, the same koi will be bigger, better and poised to take the ultimate accolade or will it?

Bonus DVD Features:
Mark and Martin - 2 revealing interviews about the hobby
How to supply a grand champion Koi featurette
In the pond - a koi's eye view of the world
Original film trailer

Running time approx: 2 hours