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N.T.Labs Medikoi Growth
N.T.Labs Medikoi Growth

Want your koi to grow then feed Medikoi Growth which has been specifically produced to provide the optimum level of healthy rapid growth and with low waste.

Medikoi Growth has a excellent high protein level of 40% is partnered with a relatively higher oil content of 7.3%. The oil in this pellet food provides the energy source so that the maximum amount of protein can be used for growth but not too high so there is no oily slick.

A highly digestible formulation - Medikoi Growth's food helps ensures that there is much less waste as more of the Medikoi Growth is absorbed by your koi. .

Recommendation: for best results feed Medikoi Growth in the warmer months when temperatures exceed 12 C and in conjunction with the Medikoi Health & Medikoi Beauty programme

Medikoi Growth Typical Analysis - Protein 40%, Oil 7.3%, Fibre 2.5%.

The Medikoi range - available in a 3mm floating Medikoi Junior pellet, 750gms, 5 kgs and 10 kgs sizes and a 6mm floating Medikoi pellet, 1.75kgs, 3kgs, 5kgs and 10kg size - both excluding Medikoi Sturgeon.

Item Description Price Order
MKG-457 N.T.Labs Growth Junior 750g 4mm Pellets £ 12.99 Add to cart
MKG-475 N.T.Labs Growth 1.75kg 6mm Pellets £ 23.99 Add to cart
MKG-503 N.T.Labs Growth 3kg 6mm Pellets £ 38.99 Add to cart
MKG-505 N.T.Labs Growth 5kg 6mm Pellets £ 59.99 Add to cart
MKG-465 N.T.Labs Growth Junior 5kg 4mm Pellets £ 59.99 Add to cart
MKG-469 N.T.Labs Growth Junior 10kg 4mm Pellets £ 99.99 Add to cart
MKG-510 N.T.Labs Growth 10kg 6mm Pellets £ 99.99 Add to cart