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N.T.Labs Medikoi Health
N.T.Labs Medikoi Health

Medikoi Health used on a regular basis can and will help to fight of infection.

Got healthy koi and want to help keep them that way then feed MediKoi Health Food which will help boost your koi,s immune system & help prevent infection.

Nt Labs MediKoi Health Food - has a unique blend of natural herbs which helps improve resistance to disease and also aids digestion,

There is no other food on the market contains this unique blend of natural ingredients.

Medikoi Health has the added benifit of Propolis added. Propolis is produced by honey bees to keep the hive free from infection. Propolis is, therefore very helpful for speeding recovery after infection.

iKoi recommend that Its always best to add some variety to your koi,s feeding time, therefore it is recommended that treat products are fed in order to supplement the feeding regime. NT Labs have just the products such as Medikoi Balls and Medikoi Silkworm Pupae. Koi & other fish will enjoy the many nutritional benefits that these supplement's promote, and will spend more time nearer the surface of the water.

Recommendation: For best results feed in conjuction with Medikoi Beauty or Medikoi Growth.

Medikoi Health Typical Analysis - Protein 33%, Oil 3.1%, Fibre 2.3%.

The Medikoi range: available in a 3mm floating Medikoi Junior pellet, 750gms, 5 kgs and 10 kgs sizes and a 6mm floating Medikoi pellet, 1.75kgs, 3kgs, 5kgs and 10kg size - both excluding Medikoi Sturgeon.

Item Description Price Order
MKH-257 N.T.Labs Medikoi-Health Junior 3mm Pellet - 750 gms £ 12.99 Add to cart
MKH-275 N.T.Labs Medikoi-Health 6mm Pellet - 1.75 kgs £ 23.99 Add to cart
MKH-303 N.T.Labs Medikoi-Health 6mm Pellet - 3 kgs £ 38.99 Add to cart
MKH-265 N.T.Labs Medikoi-Health Junior 3mm Pellet - 5 kgs £ 59.99 Add to cart
MKH-305 N.T.Labs Medikoi-Health 6mm Pellet - 5 kgs £ 59.99 Add to cart
MKH-310 N.T.Labs Medikoi-Health 6mm Pellet - 10 kgs £ 99.99 Add to cart
MKH-269 N.T.Labs Medikoi-Health Junior 3mm Pellet - 10 kgs £ 99.99 Add to cart