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N.T.Labs Medikoi Paste
N.T.Labs Medikoi Paste

Medikoi Paste From NT Labs is a luxury ready mixed paste food supplement which contains prebiotics, chitosan and spirulina.

Nt Labs Medikoi paste provides one of the highest quality nutrition and palatability paste foods available to fish. Increased bio-availability and a cold blending process results in increased nutrient up-take by the fish, increasing growth whilst producing less waste.

Medikoi Paste contains a mid protein content which enables Medikoi Paste to be fed for a much longer periods throughout the koi season.

Medikoi Paste -Easy to feed just simply pull lumps off and hand feed it to your fish.

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MKP-400 N.T.Labs Medikoi Paste Food 400 gms £ 20.49 Add to cart