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N.T.Labs Medikoi Shrimp Balls (6)
N.T.Labs Medikoi Shrimp Balls (6)

Medikoi Balls are a new unique method of feeding all pond fish. These large floating balls, about the size of a golf ball are full of natural goodies and have been specially designed to be enjoyed by all sizes of pond fish. A high protein, fun food treat designed to accelerate growth and energise your fish during feeding time. Medikoi Balls float on the water surface, enticing fish to play and feed on them. On contact with the water the nutritious balls re-hydrate allowing fish to pick off food particles in a frantic feeding frenzy as they chase the balls around the surface of the pond. Medikoi Shrimp Balls (12 Balls in a Bucket). Medikoi Mixed Treat Balls - Shrimp, Krill & Daphnia (12 Balls in a Bucket). Box quantity 12
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