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N.T.Labs Medikoi Staple & Colour Enhancer
N.T.Labs Medikoi Staple & Colour Enhancer

~~•Highly digestible
•Perfect for every day feeding
•Combine with Medikoi Health for maximum Health and colour
•Includes Nutri-Lock
•Available in 3mm and 6mm pellet size

Medikoi Staple Food from NT Labs is a highly digestible, complete, everyday diet for all pond fish; providing good Koi colour enhancement. Medikoi Staple is best fed as part of a feeding programme to keep your fish in tip top condition. Feed in combination with any other food from the Medikoi range such as Medikoi Health for maximum Health and Colour.

NT Labs Staple food is packed with fresh quality ingredients to provide fish with maximum vitamin and mineral enrichment to promote healthy well being. These high quality ingredients are designed to be easily assimilated and metabolised by your fish resulting in maximum food conversion, colour enhancement and minimum waste to ensure pond water quality remains good.

Medikoi Staple is enriched with Spirulina, rich in protein and highly digestible. It is a well documented colour enhancer used by Japanese koi breeders for many years and will dramatically promote the intensity and colour definition in your fish.

To help make sure all these quality ingredients are used to best effect NT Labs have added Nutri-Lock which ensures Medikoi Staple is very water stable, preventing any discolouration of the pond water as well as any nutrient leaching.

Wheat, Soya, Maize, Maize Gluten, Fish Meal, Wheat Gluten, Lucerne protein, Fish Oil, Spirulina

Protein 34%, Oil 3%, Fibre 3.1%, Ash 4.6%

Vitamins / Kg : A 10000IU, C 150 milligrams, D3 1300IU, E 200 Milligrams, EEC Permitted Colorants and anti oxidants

Item Description Price Order
MKS-757 N.T.Labs Staple Junior 750g 3mm Pellet £ 12.99 Add to cart
MKS-775 N.T.Labs Staple 1.75kg 6mm Pellet £ 23.99 Add to cart
MKS-803 N.T.Labs Staple 3kg 6mm Pellet £ 38.99 Add to cart
MKS-765 N.T.Labs Staple Junior 5kg 3mm Pellet £ 59.99 Add to cart
MKS-805 N.T.Labs Staple 5kg 6mm Pellet £ 59.99 Add to cart
MKS-810 N.T.Labs Staple 10kg 6mm Pellet £ 99.99 Add to cart
MKS-769 N.T.Labs Staple Junior 10kg 3mm Pellet £ 99.99 Add to cart