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PVC Pressure Pipe - Grey
PVC Pressure Pipe - Grey

Class E Pipe - Grey Pressure Pipe - PVC-U (Poly Vinyl Chloride-Unplasticised) is one of the most widely used thermoplastic materials for both interior and exterior pipe applications.

Class 'E' pipe.

Highest specification PVC pipe on the market.
Excellent chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and chemical concentrates.
Smooth bore eliminates build up of scale and gives good flow.
Good abrasion resistance and weathering qualities.
Light and clean to handle.
Easy to joint (solvent weld system).
Non-toxic and taint free.

Item Description Price Order
PVC-101 PVC Pressure Pipe 3/4-in. x 3m (Class E-15 Bar) £ 10.99 Add to cart
PVC-102 PVC Pressure Pipe 1-in. x 3m (Class E-15 Bar) £ 12.99 Add to cart
PVC-104 PVC Pressure Pipe 1-1/2 x 3m (Class D-12 Bar) £ 14.29 Add to cart
PVC-105 PVC Pressure Pipe 2-in. x 3m (Class C-9 Bar) £ 22.49 Add to cart
PVC-106 PVC Pressure Pipe 3-in. x 3m (Class C-9 Bar) £ 39.59 Add to cart
PVC-107 PVC Pressure Pipe 4-in. x 3m (Class C 9 Bar) £ 49.49 Add to cart