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PVC Pressure Tank Connectors
PVC Pressure Tank Connectors

We are now able to supply the new flanged tank connectors in Grey PVC pressure pipe. As with the black waste tank connectors these new PVC ones are also complete with self tapping stainless steel screws and are therefore ideally suited for total immersion under water.

These Heavy duty Pvc Grey Pressure tank connectors are suitable for use with pond liners or in concrete / fibre glass ponds. For use with pond liners the Butyl or firestone pond liner is sandwiched between the flange and connector using a generous application of aquatic silicone sealer. For concrete and fibre-glass Koi ponds the top flange is discarded and just the body of the tank connector used, the fiberglass being run over the lip and into the mouth of the connector when the pond is glassed. These tank connectors can also be used as side outlets in the construction of pond filters to connect up to slide valves or ball valves.

Item Description Price Order
TCF-315 1-1/2-in. PVC Pressure Tank Connector Flanged £ 8.79 Add to cart
TCF-320 2-in. PVC Pressure Tank Connector Flanged £ 9.69 Add to cart
TCF-330 3-in. PVC Pressure Tank Connector Flanged £ 9.69 Add to cart
TCF-340 4-in. PVC Pressure Tank Connector Flanged £ 13.89 Add to cart