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NT Labs Koi Care Parazoryne
NT Labs Koi Care Parazoryne

Herbal Pond Additive helps support fish recovering from parasitic infections. Use Koi Care Parazoryne when fish are observed rubbing on sides of pond, gasping at surface, generally lethargic or covered in slime/fungus. Add Koi Care Parazoryne to the pond or, ideally to a quarantine tank everyday for 10 days or until the fish have fully recovered. Koi Care Parazoryne can be used while fish are being treated with suitable medicines.

Safe for all fresh and brackish water fish species, invertebrates and aquatic plants.

500ml treats 50000L / 10000Gals

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NTP-815 NT Labs Koi Care Parazoryne 500ml (treats 50,000 LTRS) £ 23.40 Add to cart