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Silver Label Aquarium Silicone
Silver Label Aquarium Silicone

A special formulation for fish tank construction and/or repair. Adheres to dry, clean and grease-free glass.

For optimum structural strength use a triangular joint shape and avoid thin layers.

Fill the aquarium with water ONLY after sealant is totally cured. Vulcanisation rate 1-2mm /24 hours. Clean excess with white spirit - use only in well ventilated areas. Keep away from children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water & contact doctor.

Shelf Life 12 months if stored in dry condition.

Item Description Price Order
SEA-142 Silver Label Aquarium Silicone Clear - 310ml £ 9.39 Add to cart
SEA-139 Silver Label Aquarium Silicone Black - 310ml £ 9.39 Add to cart

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