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NT Labs Pond Sludgeclear
NT Labs Pond Sludgeclear

NT Labs - Sludgeclear

Sludgeclear is designed to digest organic material in the sludge leading to a cleaner filter, reducing the risk of disease. Sludgeclear is a pelleted blend of enzymes and bacteria which can also support and encourage the activity of the biological filter bacteria.

Use Sludgeclear regularly to help keep your filter clean. It is recommended that Sludgeclear is used every week to control the build up of sludge and silt.


5 grams treats 1138 Litres (250 gallons)

Item Description Price Order
NTS-892 NT Labs Pond Sludgeclear 250ml (Treats 4,500Ltrs) £ 9.49 Add to cart
NTS-895 NT Labs Pond Sludgeclear 500ml (Treats 9100 Ltrs) £ 15.99 Add to cart
NTS-901 NT Labs Pond Sludgeclear 1 Ltr (Treats 18200 Ltrs) £ 23.99 Add to cart

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