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Norfine Transfer Tubes
Norfine Transfer Tubes

Koi Socks or "Transfer Tubes" are one of the most essential nets that you as a Koi keeper can ever have. They are the best way of transferring a Koi, or any other fish, from one tank to another, or carrying a Koi a short distance to another tank.

Transfer Tubes hold the water and the koi for safe moving of koi. With mesh at the end to let some water out. Ideal for transfering a koi from the net to a bowl.

Item Description Price Order
NET-409 Norfine Transfer Tube 9-in.(23cm) Dia. £ 23.99 Add to cart
NET-411 Norfine Transfer Tube 11-in.(28cm) Dia. £ 26.19 Add to cart
NET-415 Norfine Transfer Tube 15-in. (38cm) - 45cm Handle £ 36.69 Add to cart

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