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NT Labs Koi Care Filter Bugs
NT Labs Koi Care Filter Bugs

~~•Concentrated essential filter bacteria
•Long Shelf-Life Bacteria Pads
•Ideal for Starting New Ponds
•Contains 5 Soaked Pads
•Treats 13,368 (3000 gallons)

The NT Labs Koi Care Filter Bugs pack contains 5 pads soaked in millions of biological filter bacteria.

Add NT Labs Filter Bugs to new ponds to kick start the biological filtration process and regularly to existing ponds and filters to give an added boost to the bacteria which keep the pond healthy and safe for your fish. Filter Bugs are especially useful when ammonia is present for emergency boosting of the filtration system.

Dosage Rates:

- NT Labs Filter Bugs x 1 pad - Treats 2673 litres / 600 gallons

Item Description Price Order
NTF-461 NT Labs Koi Care Filter Bugs (Treats 13368 Lts) £ 9.99 Add to cart