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NT Labs Pond Aquasure
NT Labs Pond Aquasure

NT Labs Pond Aid Aquasure - Tap Water Chlorine Remover

NT Labs Pond Aid Aquasure will help to make safe Tap water which can contain a variety of chemicals which may be harmful to fish if added to a pond. The most important of these is chlorine which is added to the supply after work has been done on the distribution pipes. Chlorine reacts with nitrogen in the water to form chloramines which is much longer laster lasting and can reach further away from the point chlorine was added. Sometimes, water companies will add ammonia together with the chlorine to make sure that sufficient chloramines are formed to disinfect the water and make it safe to drink. It is impossible to know whether or not the water coming out of your tap contains any of these chemicals without testing.It is therefore, advisable to use a dechlorinator such as Aquasure whenever tap water is added to the pond.

Dosage: Add 10ml to 40 gallons (180 litres) of tap water

Item Description Price Order
NTA-572 NT Labs Pond Aquasure 250ml (treats 4,500 Ltrs) £ 9.49 Add to cart
NTA-575 NT Labs Pond Aquasure 500ml (treats 9,100 Ltrs) £ 15.99 Add to cart
NTA-580 NT Labs Pond Aquasure 1Ltr (treats 18,200 Ltrs) £ 23.99 Add to cart