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Water Meter
Water Meter

~~For measuring the flow and volume of the cold water with a temperature up to 30°c in the closed-circuit system with the full flow of the flux, and on the maximum working pressure up to 16 bar (pn16). Installed on the pipeline, in the horizontal and vertical position (h/v) in flats and detached houses. It proves itself great in the billing systems (possibility of installing the radio module or reed contact).
Compatibility with norms and regulations:
Directive 2004/22/ec of the european parliament and the council of europe dated on march, 31st, 2004 regarding measuring instruments;
Pn-en-14154 :2005 - water meters, part 1 - 3;
Oiml r49:2004 and 2006 - water meters intended to measurement of cold drinking water and of hot water;
Certificate of analysis, type we - cold water number sk09-mi001-smu007.
3/4" male thread bsp with possibility of removing adaptor and switch

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