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Waterco Centrifugal Water Filtration
Waterco Centrifugal Water Filtration

The Waterco Multi Cyclone is a revolutionary product has no moving parts to wear and no filter media to clean or replace.

The Multi Cyclone works on the basis of centrifugal water filtration.

Incoming water is guided by a diverter plate so that it enters multiple hydro cyclones tangentially, generating a strong centrifugal effect. This spins the sediment out to the hydro cyclone's wall and then spirals it down to the sediment sump, while the cleansed water spirals upwards.

The accumulation of sediment can be visibly monitored through the MultiCylcone's clear sediment sump. The MultiCyclone is cleaned by simply opening its purge valve. Only 15 litres of water is discharged to clean the MultiCyclone of sediment.

Easy to install the Waterco Multi Cyclone is easy to install and fits to most existing pool filtration systems. The Waterco Multi Cyclone can be easily retrofitted between the pump and existing filter.

Minimal Maintenance There are no moving parts to wear out and replace, no filter media to clean or replace.

We recommend buying the stand for this unit.

Item Description Price Order
MCY-433 Base Stand For Multi Cyclone £ 101.79 Add to cart
MCY-400 Multi Cyclone MC12 - 1 1/2-in. - Pre Filter £ 297.00 Add to cart
MCY-401 Multi Cyclone MC 16 - 2-in. £ 398.09 Add to cart
MCY-415 Multi Cyclone Plus MC12 c/w Cartridge - 11/2-in. £ 462.29 Add to cart
MCY-422 Multi Cyclone Plus MC16 c/w Cartridge - 2-in. £ 558.40 Add to cart