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Wool Media
Wool Media

Filter Wadding For Fine Filtration

This Filter Wadding has been especially constructed for use in external biological filters.

Place the Filter Wadding in the final stage of your pond filter to trap fine particles, or on top of the media in one final chamber of the filter, ensuring the water flow is downwards through the Wadding.

Use Filter Wadding if your pond water is cloudy, murky or green. Works very quickly to enhance the quality of your pond water.

This product will require cleaning on a regular basis and replaced when the structure of the wadding breaks down (replace every 1-3 months on most garden ponds).

Thickness 50mm - 2"

Item Description Price Order
FME-401 Filter Wool Pad Small - 17-in. x 11-in. x 2-in. £ 4.75 Add to cart
FME-402 Filter Wool Pad Medium - 25-in. x 18-in. x 2-in. £ 10.95 Add to cart
FME-403 Filter Wool Pad Large - 43-in. x 21-in. x 2-in. £ 16.25 Add to cart
FME-405 Filter Wool Pad Square - 1m x 1m x 70mm £ 18.20 Add to cart
FME-409 Filter Wool Roll - 50m x 68m (27-in.) £ 65.80 Add to cart